Information for Chinese students willing to apply for a PhD CSC Scholarship

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This webpage summarizes some useful information about the ‘Data Processing and Simulation Group – Centre for Technology Diffusion’ (GPDS-CEDITEC). It has been especially built to help the students from Chinese Universities considering to pursue their PhD in the Technical University of Madrid (UPM) in the area of telecommunications and signal processing. If it is your case, you should know that the collaboration agreements between some Chinese Universities and the UPM make possible for Chinese students to apply for a scholarship from the China Scholarship Council.

In brief, GPDS-CEDITEC is a research unit of the Telecommunications School (ETSIT) of the Technical University of Madrid (UPM). We currently are twenty people (5 PhD – professors, 5 young researchers, 1 PhD visiting professor, 9 PhD candidates). In addition, undergrads, international students and postdocs are welcomed every year. In particular, we have hosted Chinese students for the last four years. We are located in the Ciudad Universitaria in Madrid.

As mentioned in our Research section, we have two main areas of work: 1) Air Traffic Management & Control and 2) Technologies and Systems for Ambient Intelligence. Although conceptually very different, these two areas share their scientific basis.

In particular, in the area of Technologies and Systems for Ambient Intelligence, we work with different types of communication and sensing technologies to transparently acquire data from the environment. The final objective is to transform these data into valuable information (by using different type of signal processing algorithms and reasoning techniques), suitable to support innovative mobile services, capable of adapting their behaviour to their user's needs. Some of the research lines we are dealing with are:

  • Technologies for the Internet of Things: Architectures for mobile&lightcontext-aware frameworks.
  • Wireless ad-hoc and sensor networks (WSN): interoperability, positioning and energy efficient routing.
  • Data fusion techniques for reasoning and decision support.
  • Context modelling using semantic technologies.
  • Security and privacy in context-aware systems.
  • Design and implementation of context-aware services (for healthcare and support to independent living; for tourism; for transportation).
  • Forecasting and technology watch in mobile services and technologies.


Starting from our current activity, new researchers' work plans are defined taking into account his/her background, interests and training needs.

In our lab, the student counts on advanced (HW and SW) resources to create and develop new technology&service concepts on mobile computing: for example, in the research line of Wireless Sensor Networks, we currently work with three different types of sensor nodes (from Crossbow, Texas Instruments and Shimmer) to experiment on interoperability and localization methods. We also work with wearable inertial systems, use last-generation biometric sensors and the newest mobile devices, and manage a robot to collect wireless fingerprints.

All our PhD candidates and master students follow the Programme in ‘Communication Technologies and Systems’ offered in the Department of Signals, Systems and Radiocommunications of the ETSIT-UPM. After its completion (60 ECTS including a Master Thesis), the student will get the degree of Master, and will be prepared to continue his/her research in order to obtain the PhD.

Our young researchers combine learning through formal courses and lectures with work and responsibilities in our active research projects, many of them carried out in cooperation with international corporate partners. We are proud of our non-stop and long-lasting collaboration with important industry partners - such as Telefónica I+D, Indra, Siemens, Aena, Boeing, Orange, Eurocontrol, Telvent, CRIDA or Thales (and others). For this reason, we expect and need from them a great commitment to their job and a good part of personal initiative and scientific rigour.

Apart from that, our researchers are encouraged to participate in international forums in order to broaden the scope of their research and to extend their network of contacts in the research community. Of course, we promote scientific dissemination through publications and papers in relevant journals and conferences. A list of recent publications is available here.


Please feel free to contact us in order to clarify any doubt you may have.

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Information for Chinese students willing to apply for a PhD CSC scholarship


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