Development of engineering projects

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Work team composition: please inform Consuelo Flores about the 5 people composing your work team, before April 1st. Provide participants' names, email and telephone number.



This course is a required one to obtain the Telecommunications Engineer Degree by the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (P94). It is taught in the fifth year of courses (6 credits, 4.8 ECTS),

Practicalities for the 2013-2014 2nd semester: Room A-133, lectures twice a week on Monday and Wednesday, 16:00 - 18:00 h.

Lecture materials are provided through Politécnica Virtual (Moodle).



The different phases of the lifecycle of products, processes and services in engineering are becoming more and more interrelated and it is needed to take into account aspects like the adquisition and management of technology, a sound management of human resources , cost control, quality assurance, definetively, a modern approach to project management is needed. In their profesional life, future engineers will probably need to deal with subprojects enclosed in larger projects, or probably, in small projects where they will have to assure an equilibrium between quality, cost and time in order to satisfy the client.

The program of the course is divided in two parts:

  • The first part aims to introduce the basics on engineering project planning, achievement, management, control and assurance, providing the students with methods and tools.
  • The second part gives a pratical introduction to face the management problems that arise during an engineering project using some of the methods previously described. Innovation concepts, user-centric design, alliances and intellectual property are some of the additional topics covered.

The students will work with a case studies and real projects of different size and scope will be presented as well.


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